What Is 4Count Movement?

A group of former tech and corporate professionals who understand what it takes to attract the best talent by thinking out of the box!

  1. A corporate “Well Being” program focused on the 4 areas that enhance the employee experience, Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.
  2. An approach to help you retain your best people and reach your diversity hiring goals.
  3. A way to implement a corporate differentiator that makes you stand out in the marketplace and attract talent and improve your marketability.
  4. A method to extract the best out of your people and help them become more innovative.


“4Count’s fencing class was not only a great workout, but a lot of fun! It was great to get away from my desk and do something completely different right in our office. The instructor was great, and the movements were easy for our group to follow. I would definitely take this class again!” – Director of Training at University of Illinois

“If you’re looking for a unique way to engage your staff or need help with staff retention and diversity goals, definitely check out 4Count Movement. Cassie and the 4Count team are the go-to solution for corporate on-site well-being sessions in Chicago. They added a ton of value, got our team energized by providing meditation, nutritional coaching and yoga. It was an absolute hit and they were a pleasure to work with!” – Technexus

“Company culture is something that had been glossed over for years. 4Count’s multitude of offerings has enabled us to focus on our employees and has been a huge morale boost for the team!” – Business Analyst

“Our team has really loved exploring a variety of 4Count’s well-being sessions. Our weekly events have jump-started our team and have given us a unique benefit to market during recruiting.” – Director of Human Resources