Talent Tip #4. Don’t Waste Your Most Untapped Resources

Tip #4: Don’t waste your most untapped resources

Don’t waste your most untapped resources – YOUR EXISTING STAFF! That’s right, your existing talent are the best recruiters. Think about it, unlike hired recruiting firms, they are familiar with the DNA & Culture, benefits, team, workload and hours of the organization, AND they also know their friends, former colleagues, old college roommates, neighbors, and even ex’s who would be a perfect match. So use them.

Attract and Retain Talent Through Well Being

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The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” is very true. If you’ve hired amazing talent already, they usually know at least 1-3 folks who would be a perfect fit for your organization. Not too mention, they’d be helping you out HR Professional with your job in trying to find the right talent 😉 OH and btw…this includes you too. Think about your personal network and ask specific questions like “Who’s the best Java developer you’ve run into in the last 20 months? Instead of “Do you know of anyone?”

The best companies generate half of their hires from this single source. They deliver the highest quality of candidates, the shortest duration of search time, and the lowest cost-per-hire. Soliciting and acting on referrals from current employees generates goodwill and increases morale. Alternatively, if you aren’t receiving employee referrals, you either have a DNA employee match problem or an employee referral program that’s not working correctly. Only two-thirds of companies have employee referral programs, and most don’t work as they should. To make your employee referral program successful, keep it fresh. Make it exciting, interesting, and relevant. It should be a marketing program with a unifying theme. Tell your employees that you want their help in making this the best possible place to work.

You can pay your employees for their successful referrals, but you don’t have to overdo it, and if you can’t afford cash, use stock, vacation time, trips, or gift cards. Be creative, but provide a reward. Google conducted a study in which they doubled their referral bonus from $2,000 to $4,000, and it didn’t significantly impact the number of referrals. Refresh employees about the program at least once every month. Use emails, posters, company meetings, occasional contests, and other vehicles to spread the word. Oh and nothing is more effective than the CEO or HR Director making personal mention of the program – wink, wink. Keep it simple for employees. Don’t make them do too much work. And remember just as when you ask your personal network for help, be specific and concise with what you’re asking of your employees.

You need to create an organization people want to brag about. Using tips 1-3 will help with this, especially benefits. We all know people are going to get a salary and a title anywhere, but what makes the difference are the benefits and DNA match. So again offer benefits talent can’t get anywhere else and that you’re existing staff can brag about to their network of people. Go back to tip 3 and implement stress relief/worklife balance benefits such as meditation, wellness coaching, personal financial coaching, and ubers rides for employees. These unique benefits are “bragable” and should be used by your existing staff to help bring in the right talent.

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