Talent Tip #3. Offer Stress Relief as Benefits

Tip 3. Offer Stress Relief as Benefits

“We have a keg in the office.”, “We offer a gym in the building.” “We offer unlimited snacks and a fully stocked kitchen.” Wow, these are just some of the benefits employers are trying to offer – but they’re not benefits, they are gimmicks. It’s like the add-ons a used car salesmen tries to tack on. These might get some talent in the door, but let’s face it people, the ping pong table in the office and all you can eat snack bar is not what’s going to KEEP you’re talent.  It should go without saying that most job seekers want a quality benefits package to pair with their job offer. But which employee benefits are the most desired? Well according to the 2018 survey, it’s not more money or food, its STRESS RELIEF. If you can offer benefits and services that help relief the majority of your staff’s daily stressors, they will stay.

Attract and Retain Talent Through Well Being

To help bring balance & well being to your team we just need your name and email.

No one stays at a job because you decorate their cubes for their birthday, it’s because it offers them challenges, opportunity, and a feeling of being needed. However if the employer is making it extremely challenging for your employees to accomplish these goals such as get to work, or help them with their worklife balance, they will go someplace else.

How to offer stress relief at work?

Well like we said in tip #2, you have to consider the whole person or candidate and the best way to do this is not to guess or assume, but ask them!

Honestly the best way to go about this is to have a neutral party come in and do an anonymous survey. Why? Well because a survey is the easiest way to get feedback across the organization and by having a neutral party do the job, people tend to open up more than to their boss or HR.

The 2nd tip is to go “old school” and do a paper survey. Why? It is time consuming yes, but it provides the best responses; just about everyone knows an electric survey can be traced to see who responded and what they have said – which causes people to hold back.

3rd You want to pass out the survey during a staff meeting and have them drop it in a collection box at the end. Why? Because it is very unlikely that people follow through with an email survey that is sent out after the fact.

4th Be transparent, especially about the budget. You’d be surprised how many employees have no idea how much money certain benefits costs. and when they do, they are more likely to have the best ideas on how to re purpose those costs to other benefits that help reduce their stress and programs they really like. For example, we had a client who was spending $45,000 a year (no that’s not a typo) on guess what? Bagels and donuts every Monday and Friday for the entire office. I’m not kidding, that’s a lot of Dough! Pun intended. We shared that dollar amount with the staff who almost had heart attacks at the amount. We surveyed them, and found out instead of the bagels and donuts (which was also adding to their waist lines) they preferred if the money could be spend towards a commuting fund or stipend program so people have help getting to and from work.

We are not saying get rid of the dollars or benefits, we recommend spend the money on the right benefits and the right benefits are focused on reducing staff stress. Once you get staff recognizing their stressors are reduced at your organization, you will retain them.

Remember, we’ll be offering you a complementary call session if you need help identifying your organization’s stressors.




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