4 Ways to Recruit & Retain the Right Talent without a Budget

If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you have the responsibility to recruit or retain talent at your organization and I’m also going to assume you’re experiencing challenges. Well you’re not alone, based on our research and surveying 1000s of HR professionals nationwide, the top 4 issues across all industries for organizations in 2019 are:


  1. Retention/Recruitment

  2. Improving Employee participation

  3. Happiness and Health

  4. Holistic Practices


Yep that’s right – the human side of Human Resources. If we addressed all 4, this would be a novel, so let’s focus on the #1 issue – Retention and Recruitment and the top 4 ways you can hire the right talent in 2019. Now these may take time, but none require a budget.  Now onto the tips…

Attract and Retain Talent Through Well Being

To help bring balance & well being to your team we just need your name and email.


“We have the best culture”, “Oh, our culture makes the difference”, “We have a very diverse culture at our organization.” Blah, blah, blah…sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve all heard or used culture as a way to bring in the best talent. However, as it turns out, it’s NOT CULTURE you have to define but the organisation’s DNA. Yep, even an org can and must have DNA.

So what is an Organization’s DNA? 

According to Recruit Rockstars by Jeff Hyman, even more than competencies, DNA is the most predictive element of success. It doesn’t matter how competent a person is if their DNA doesn’t match your company’s ingrained DNA. Seeking a culture fit is just too subjective, instead, use DNA or attributes that are hardwired at an early age and rarely change over time, such as detail-oriented, competitive, analytical, creative, etc. Those qualities will tell you much more about how a person will perform than last year’s sales figures. Obviously, determining someone’s DNA requires a great deal of digging, and that’s why a lot of companies don’t go through the effort. They might as well flip a coin.

So how to identify your organization’s DNA? 

The company’s DNA isn’t a long list of feel-good values, it’s the three to five precise traits that you’ve identified as most important. Began to think about the people who you need on your team to bring about success and what character qualities (not skills) they must have. For example, the three qualities one of our clients wanted in every one of their employees was: tirelessness, selflessness, and fearlessness. “Tireless” meant people willing to put in the hours, work hard, and move fast. “Selfless” meant people who would work collaboratively but also adopt a servant mentality toward clients. Finally, “fearless” because they needed people who were unafraid of change and ambiguity. It worked, they now have near-perfect retention in their employees because they crafted their company’s DNA early and recruit only people who shared their hard-wiring.

Culture is the product of acquiring people who share the organization’s DNA. If you don’t identify them first, every step in the recruitment process is a waste of time and you will never hire the right talent.

Try it and let us know what happened. Check back tomorrow for tip #2. Oh and btw…we like to help as much as possible, so if it would helpful a complimentary 20 min call session is included with these tips with a member of 4CountMovement, we’ll send out more info after tip 4.


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