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4Count Movement

What is 4Count Movement?

A group of former tech and corporate professionals who understand what it takes to attract the best talent by thinking out of the box!

We help corporate companies in their efforts to engage and retain the best talent through well being.

For well being programs to be effective, it must take into account the employee's work life, environment and support. At 4Count, we understand worklife must be balanced, so by offering benefits for the whole person is critical for retaining your employees and keeping them happy.

Mission & Value:

To provide a unique differentiator for businesses that will keep and attract the best talent while helping employees discover new ways to bring balance and positivity into their lives.

How we can make a difference


Attracting or Keeping the Best Talent

FACT: Companies need to differentiate themselves in the market. If your company does something meaningful or novel, like fencing and mindfulness, you will become a magnet for truly talented people.

Build an Innovative Culture

FACT: Building a culture that is aggressive, focused, creative & innovative IS a renewable competitive advantage; failure to do so will cost you the best people.

Costs of Targeting New Talent

FACT: 49% of new hires are gone within 18 months and the costs are 3x the annual salary of the hire. 80% of companies don’t know how to attract & lure diverse populations thus missing out on priceless talent.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

FACT: If your tired of chasing your competitors or staying a step a head in the tech market, its time to make talent your differentiation strategy.


Put down those phones and grab a sword - that's our motto! Your tech guys...
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How we can make a difference

Our Focus


How are you going to get the most ROI out of your team if they are sitting all day?  Sitting disease is a very real issue,  it’s critical that staff engage in at least 30 min of movement everyday.


Want creative minds?  Of course you do, but ping pong tables won’t work. Everyone  requires restorative meditation to help re-boot out internal systems.


Eating habits affect our energy and how we work. Get more out of your staff with healthy nutrition techniques.

Well Being

Well being expands the view of wellness to cover more than the physical body, encompassing an employee’s mental and emotional state as well as their productivity and ability to perform at the peak of their capabilities.